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Restriction of Access Conditions to Mortgage Loans from the Brussels Housing Fund

The Brussels Housing Fund is "obliged" to restrict the access conditions for its mortgage loans to continue supporting the most vulnerable residents of Brussels. Only Brussels households within the income brackets of social housing will now be eligible for the acquisition mortgage loan (interest rate of 3.25% to 5%) and Ecoreno loan (interest rate of 1.5% or 2.5%). This measure will be in effect until the end of December.

The access conditions for consumer Ecoreno credit, on the other hand, remain unchanged, but the rates will be adjusted to 1.5% and 2.5%.

The Brussels Housing Fund explains that it has been facing a significant increase in demand for mortgage loans over the past several months. "Our success is such that these new measures are necessary to ensure the sustainability of our social initiatives for the most vulnerable households in Brussels."

The new access conditions have been decided with the approval of the government of the Brussels Region.

The Ecoreno mortgage loan was launched last August to allow owner-occupiers or tenants to finance their renovations. The loan covers energy-saving work, improvements to occupant autonomy, and works related to safety, sanitation, and habitability.

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