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Encouraging exemplarity: financial benefits for committed Brussels businesses

In the spring of 2024, Brussels-based companies that commit to economic transition and are recognised as being "exemplary" in social and/or environmental terms will benefit from an increase in economic aid.

What is exemplarity?

Setting an example means guiding a business (be it a self-employed person, a company, etc.) towards greater environmental and/or social responsibility. This concept is at the heart of the Shifting Economy strategy, which aims to place the Brussels-Capital Region's economic transition at the centre of its concerns, with the ultimate objective of achieving carbon neutrality for economic activities by 2050. The Region is gradually planning to redirect its resources towards companies that are judged to be environmentally and socially 'exemplary'.

Environmental criteria :

In environmental terms, companies must make a significant contribution to at least one of the following objectives:

  • Rational use of resources (circular economy, recycling, improved energy performance, carbon neutrality, etc.).

  • Improvement of environmental impact (reduction of polluting emissions, promotion of biodiversity, adaptation to climate change).

Social criteria:

In social terms, companies must make a significant contribution to at least one of the following objectives:

  • Ensuring an adequate standard of living for all (access to housing, food, healthcare, education, training, sustainable transport, Internet, etc.).

  • Develop and maintain "quality employment" (both in Belgium and abroad).

  • Encouraging the development of social and democratic entrepreneurship (cooperatives, participative governance).

  • Creating a more inclusive society (diversity, governance).

How do you demonstrate that your company is exemplary?

There are several ways of demonstrating your company's commitment to setting an example:

  • Have an approved certification or label: Obtain official recognition by holding a recognised label, certification or approval.

  • Have benefited from a recognised public scheme: Take advantage of the recognition obtained through your participation in a public scheme that has already been validated.

  • Encourage socio-professional integration and training: Show that your company cares about the integration and development of workers by using public labels or schemes.

Greater financial assistance

From 2024, companies in Brussels that are recognised as 'exemplary' in social and/or environmental terms will benefit from increased financial advantages. Company bonuses will be between 2.5% and 30% higher than the basic rate, while the PROXI loan will also be more tax-efficient for those who lend money to an "exemplary" company.

What's more, this recognition will have a positive impact on a company's image, both with customers and prospects and with employees.

How do you go about it?

The increased premiums will be available from April 2024 for economic and commercial companies. When applying for the bonus, "exemplary" companies will have to indicate the certification, label or public scheme to which they conform, or the social criteria to which they adhere.

Get your company recognised as "exemplary", benefit from higher premiums in the near future and make an active contribution to economic transition.

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