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Non-electric company cars will cost users more in 2024

Company cars will become more expensive this year. Their benefit in kind (ATN) is increasing sharply.

Beneficiaries of a company car are taxed on their private use of the vehicle on the basis of a flat-rate benefit in kind (ATN). This benefit could increase by 20% in many cases by 2024.  The Minister of Finance has not yet defined the CO2 coefficient for this year, but it is possible to estimate the increase by taking into account the average CO2 emissions of new cars.

This coefficient is essential for calculating the benefit in kind of a vehicle, along with the list price, the age of the car and its CO2 emissions. Each year, this coefficient is recalculated according to the average CO2 emissions of recently registered cars. The lower the emissions, the higher the ATN value.

Falling CO2 emissions.

Average emissions from new cars are falling more and more each year. With the arrival of hybrids and then fully electric cars, average emissions have fallen by more than a third over the last 4 years. This has resulted in an increase of almost 10% in the taxable benefit of company cars.

For vehicles that don't consume too much, the increase remains limited: the floor of the NTB is up by 3.9% this year to €1,600 per year.

Source : L'Echo

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