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Creating your startup with Argafin and benefiting from subsidies UP TO 75% OF THE INVESTMENT.

Do you want to create your own company but don't have all the necessary resources? Argafin can help you create your own startup with its business creation consulting label.


The Walloon Region offers support called 'business checks' for business creation to support coaching and consulting services for entrepreneurs.

Argafin is labeled for the 'Business Creation Consulting' check.

Eligible costs are consultancy fees for:

  • Conducting a feasibility study

  • Establishing a business plan

  • Conducting or acquiring a market study

  • Determining a legal structure

  • Preparing a financing file for a fundraising campaign

Services are subsidized up to 75% for a maximum amount of 15,000€.


  • Startups

  • Companies created less than 3 years ago

For more information, contact us at

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