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"Edenred", the purchasing power bonus; support for employees

Edenred is a purchasing power bonus offered to employees and workers in the private sector and public service. Here's everything you need to know:

  • Accessible to all companies that have achieved good results, without specific eligibility criteria.

  • The bonus must be ordered before December 31, 2023, on the website and remains valid until December 31, 2024.

  • Grant conditions: the bonus cannot replace salary or other benefits but can be combined with other advantages. It must be governed by a collective labor agreement at the sector or company level. It is not mandatory unless there is a sectoral agreement and is not recurring (one shot). It cannot be granted individually but must be awarded to all employees of a company or to a specifically defined category.

  • The maximum amount of the bonus is €750 per employee, fully deductible and non-taxable for the worker. A special employer contribution of 16.5% is deducted to contribute to the financing of social security. The amount must be set by agreement.

  • The bonus can be used at all member stores of the Consumer Voucher acceptance network, such as Ticket Restaurant and Ticket EcoCheque, both in physical stores and online.

  • The bonus is granted in the form of an electronic Consumer Voucher only. It is automatically loaded onto the employees' Edenred card. If an employee does not yet have a card, Edenred takes care of providing one.

  • The objective of this purchasing power bonus is to add an additional net amount of €750 to employees' wallets. It aims to help them cope with the increase in their food expenses and encourage them to make environmentally friendly purchases to reduce their energy bills. It is considered more attractive than a salary increase and is non-recurring.

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