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Privacy Policy


1. Who are we?

By means of this statement (hereinafter referred to as "Statement"), we would like to inform you why and how your personal data is collected and processed by ARGAFIN. Your personal data will be collected and stored centrally. ARGAFIN processes your personal data in accordance with this Statement.

You will find our contact details in point 10 of this Statement.

We are responsible for processing the personal data that we collect and use. As Data Controller, we take the necessary measures so that you:

be informed about the processing of your personal data and your rights;

retain control of your personal data that we process;

can exercise your rights with regard to your personal data. You will find more information about your rights in point 9 of this Statement.

As part of its services, ARGAFIN also acts as a Subcontractor with regard to the processing of its customers' personal data. This principle is dealt with in the Agreement on the processing of personal data concluded between ARGAFIN and its clients, and does not form an integral part of this Statement.

We have also appointed a Data Protection Officer.

2. What data do we collect about you?


Nous entendons par « données à caractère personnel » toute information se rapportant à une personne physique identifiable. Le type de données à caractère personnel que nous collectons dépend des services demandés. Il s’agit entre autres de données à votre sujet et/ou sur vos représentants, votre personnel, vos collaborateurs et/ou administrateurs indépendants (ci-après communément dénommés « vous » ou « votre/vos »).

Si vous nous communiquez des données à caractère personnel de vos représentants, votre personnel, vos collaborateurs et/ou administrateurs indépendants, vous devez les informer de l’existence et du contenu de cette Déclaration, de même que de nos devoirs, de leurs droits et de la manière dont ils peuvent exercer ces droits. Nous collectons en particulier :

  • auprès de nos clients existants : données d’identification et coordonnées (nom, prénom, sexe, adresse e-mail, numéro de téléphone, copie de la carte d’identité, etc.), domaines d’intérêt et certaines données financières (numéro de compte bancaire, etc.) ;

  • auprès de nos prospects : données d’identification et coordonnées (nom, prénom, sexe, adresse e-mail, numéro de téléphone, etc.), domaines d’intérêt, etc.

Nous utilisons ces données aux fins décrites au point 3 de la présente Déclaration.  Sur notre site internet, nous utilisons des « cookies ». Ce sont de petites parties d’informations enregistrées par votre navigateur sur votre ordinateur, qui nous permettent d’obtenir certains renseignements sur les utilisateurs de notre site internet (ex : langue sélectionnée, durée de votre visite sur la page, etc.). Ils nous permettent de mieux adapter le site internet à vos souhaits et préférences et de faciliter son utilisation. Vous trouverez plus d’informations à ce sujet dans notre politique relative aux cookies.

Nous ne collectons et ne traitons pas de données de mineurs ni de données dites sensibles, à savoir :

  • données à caractère personnel qui révèlent l’origine raciale ou ethnique, les opinions politiques, les convictions religieuses ou philosophiques, ou l’appartenance syndicale ;

  • données génétiques ou biométriques (ex : images faciales et empreintes digitales) ;

  • données relatives à la santé ;

  • données relatives au comportement sexuel ou à l’orientation sexuelle.

Si de telles données sensibles nous sont fournies, nous ne les utiliserons pas et les supprimerons.

3. For what purposes do we need your data?


We need personal data in order to:

register you, as a prospect or customer, in our management system;

accept you as a customer as part of our acceptance procedure;

contact you to reach an agreement regarding the performance of the requested services;

bill you for our services or make accounts for the services provided.


We would like to inform you of our relevant services, events or articles. We will contact you if you make an explicit request or if we believe that you may be interested in a service or that it could benefit your business/organisation.

You can obtain this information in several ways: at ARGAFIN offices, on the internet, by e-mail, by post, by telephone or at events. In addition, we will always use new technologies if they allow information to be communicated in a way that disturbs you as little as possible.

You will receive our direct marketing communications if you have given us your explicit permission to contact you. In particular, we will ask for your authorization if you are not yet an ARGAFIN customer.

However, even if you decide not to give us your consent, you may still receive offers or advertisements from us. This will be particularly the case if you already have a business relationship with ARGAFIN. In this context, we rely on our legitimate interest.

If you do not wish to receive advertisements from us, you can invoke your right to object to direct marketing, as mentioned in point 9.2 of this Statement.


This purpose constitutes what is called a “legitimate interest”. Indeed, the processing of data is based on a number of legitimate interests. However, we constantly ensure that the balance between our legitimate interests and their possible impact on your privacy is not disturbed.

If you still wish to oppose this processing, you can exercise your right of opposition, as mentioned in point 9.3 of this Statement.

We process personal data in the following situations:

they can serve as evidence (archives);

they can be used to record your participation and/or your presence at our events;

they can be used to provide you with information when you request it;

they can be used for the recognition, exercise, defense or safeguard of our rights or those of the persons who represent us, for example in the event of litigation;

they can be used for the administration, (risk) management and control of our organization (e.g. compliance (prevention against money laundering and fraud and study of these issues), risk management, risky functions and inspection, complaint management, internal and external audit);

the personal data available to ARGAFIN may be collected and used to enable centralized or efficient management of customers, to create segments or sectors, and to create more detailed customer or prospect profiles for the purpose of sending you communications more targeted;

they can be used for the purpose of simplifying the execution, use and termination of services by the customer, among other things in order to avoid that you have to provide again information that you have already completed before and that you don't have to go through a whole identification process if you want to become an ARGAFIN client. Thus, your personal data may be communicated to ARGAFIN in order to facilitate your identification.

4. What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?


We are only permitted to use and process your personal data if one of the following conditions is met:

The use of your personal data is necessary for the performance of a contract that you have concluded with us or in order to carry out, at your request, the steps necessary for the conclusion of a contract with us. The processing purposes described in point 3.1 of this Statement are based on this principle.

We have your free and explicit consent to use your personal data for a certain purpose. Indeed, if you do not yet have a commercial relationship with us, we will ask your authorization to contact you for direct marketing purposes, as indicated in point 3.2 of this Statement.

The use of your personal data is necessary for the defense of our legitimate interests, insofar as they prevail over your interests and rights. We base the processing necessary for the proper functioning of our business on our legitimate interest, as mentioned in point 3.3 of this Statement. The same applies to the processing necessary to send direct marketing e-mails to our existing customers, as described in point 3.2 of this Statement.

We are legally obliged to process certain data, and more particularly to communicate it to the competent authorities. Indeed, within the framework of certain services, ARGAFIN is obliged to report to the authorities, or to react correctly if you exercise your rights relating to the protection of your personal data, and we are also obliged to answer the questions of the Data Protection Authority, e.g. in case of complaints.

5. Who else do we share your data with?

Only our self-employed workers and collaborators who need access to personal data to carry out their professional tasks can access it. These act under our supervision and responsibility.

We also use external suppliers, who take charge of certain processing operations so that we can offer you our products and services, namely IT, legal, financial, accounting and other services. Since these third parties have access to personal data in the context of the performance of the services requested, we have taken technical, organizational and contractual measures to ensure that your data is only processed and used for the purposes mentioned in point 3 of this Declaration.

In order to comply with any legal obligation imposed by legislation, we may submit your personal data to judicial or regulatory institutions, (para) tax bodies and research services.

6. Where do we store and process your personal data?

Your data will never be transferred outside the EU. We also always ensure that minimum legal requirements and safety standards are met. If we plan to have your data stored and processed outside the EU, we will make this clear to you and ensure that the same level of protection is guaranteed.

Apart from these cases, your personal data will never be communicated or made available to third parties and they will be used exclusively in our interest. No other company will therefore be able to use your data for the purpose of sending you advertisements, for example.

7. How long do we keep your personal data?

We will not keep your data for a longer period than the period necessary to achieve the objectives mentioned in point 3 of this Statement (eg performance of a contract, sending information at your request, etc.). Any derogations or clarifications of this principle are explicitly indicated under the different purposes mentioned in point 3 of this Statement.

Since the need to store data depends on the type of data and the purpose of the processing, storage periods can vary considerably.

You will find below the criteria on which we base ourselves to define the retention periods:

For how long do we need the data to be able to provide the requested service?

Have we defined and announced a certain retention period?

Have we obtained permission to extend the retention period?

Are we subject to a legal, contractual or comparable obligation?

As soon as we no longer need your data and are no longer legally obliged to retain it, we will delete it permanently or, if this is not possible, anonymize it in our systems.

Your personal data will however be kept and used for the time necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, to settle disputes or to conclude contracts.

8. How do we secure your personal data?

Your personal data is considered strictly personal. We take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data provided and collected from any destruction, loss, accidental alteration and from any damage, accidental or illegal access or other unjustified processing of data.

9. What are your rights?


9.1.1 Right of access

You have access to the personal data that we process and have the right to inspect them. If you wish, we will provide you with a copy of this data free of charge.

9.1.2 Right of rectification

You have the right to request the deletion or rectification of erroneous, fragmented, inadequate or obsolete data.

9.1.3 Right to withdraw your consent

When the processing is based on your explicit consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any time.

We draw your attention to the fact that the withdrawal of your consent for certain processing of your personal data may have the consequence that you will no longer be informed of our services or activities or that you will no longer be able to use them.

9.1.4 Right to object to certain processing

You have the right to object to processing activities based on legitimate interest, as defined in point 3.3.

9.1.5 Right to be forgotten

You have the right to obtain the erasure of your personal data. If you wish to end the working relationship with ARGAFIN, you can therefore ask us to stop using your personal data.

However, we may retain the data required for evidence purposes. This right to be forgotten also implies that you can ask us at any time to stop processing data that is processed on the basis of your consent or our legitimate interest. However, in the event of legitimate interests prevailing over yours, we may continue to process your personal data, unless you decide to terminate the existing employment relationship.

9.1.6 Right to data portability

You can ask us to send you the personal data you have provided to us in a digital, readable and structured format so that you can save it for personal (re)use, or transfer it to another Data Controller. processing, insofar as this is technically possible.

The legislation relating to the protection of personal data provides for a number of limitations of this right, which means that it does not apply to all data.

9.1.7 Right to restriction of certain processing

You can ask us to limit the processing of your personal data in the following cases:

If you contest the accuracy of the data, the processing may be limited during the period during which we are responsible for verifying its accuracy;

If you invoke the unlawful nature of the processing without requiring the erasure of your data;

If we no longer need your personal data for the purposes mentioned in point 3 but wish to keep them because they remain necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of rights in the event of legal proceedings;

If you object to processing carried out on the basis of legitimate interests, this processing will be limited during the period during which the reasons invoked by both parties will be analysed.

If you obtain the right to limit the processing, we will no longer carry out any operation with the data concerned, except for their registration.


As indicated in point 3.2 of this Statement, we use your personal data to send you commercial information, advertisements or personal proposals (through direct marketing actions or electronic newsletters). If you no longer wish to receive this type of communication from us, you have the right to object to the processing of your data for direct marketing purposes, using the options provided for this purpose in each e-mail. received from us. Your request will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Even if you have exercised your right to object, you can, if you wish, again authorize direct marketing activities via the same channels.

We draw your attention to the fact that exercising your right to object does not prevent us from contacting you for any other purpose, including the performance of the contract, in accordance with this Declaration.


To exercise the aforementioned rights, you can send us a written request:

By e-mail:

By mail to the following address:

ARGAFIN, for the attention of the Data Protection Officer,

Clerlande Alley,3

1340 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

We ask you to clearly indicate the right you wish to invoke and which processing(s) you wish to oppose or which consent you wish to withdraw. Please be as specific as possible when invoking your rights.

10. How do I ask questions or lodge a complaint?
If you have any questions or wish to lodge a complaint regarding the processing of your data, the exercise of your rights or this Statement, you can contact us through the following channels:

By e-mail:

By mail to the following address:

ARGAFIN, for the attention of the Data Protection Officer,

Clerlande Alley,3

1340 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

If you are not satisfied with our response, if you have any comments regarding the exercise of your rights or if you believe that our processing of your personal data does not comply with the law, you can lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, better known as the Privacy Commission. You will find all the information on this subject on

11. Modification of this Statement

We reserve the right to modify or supplement this Statement as necessary.

In the event of significant changes, the modification date will be updated, we will notify you and provide you with a copy of the new Statement.

We encourage you to review this Statement periodically to learn how we process and protect your personal data.

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